Beginnings are hard.

Or for some of you, it’s the middle and the end. Yet, you have a passion to write a fiction book that glorifies God without sounding preachy or corny.

Who am I?

I edit all phases of Christian fiction. I discovered a few things that Christian writers do that really hurts their process and sales. In fact, I run the EPIC Christian Writing Intensive packed with excellent, gospel-supportive tools that would take years to learn if you travel to conferences and writing workshops.

EPIC Christian Writing Intensive

But if you’re budget is not ready for that, then try my sweet stack, which has bite size affordability at $8 a month.

Who are you?

You might have published a Christian fiction book already, but it didn’t perform as well as you had hoped. Maybe you want to write, but you never seem to finish. Either way, let’s get you motivated in the “write” direction.

What I offer

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